Realizing Dreams

Realizing Dreams

Like Kaniz many other people have found their soul mates at; the largest matrimonial service providing web portal of our country established in 2008. Since its genesis, has set standards for unconventional, convenient, technology-oriented and more customer focused service approaches in the following years. Currently, this matrimonial platform is serving around 10000 clients who are looking forward to meeting their spouses.

This is a place where eligible people for marriage sign up, get the membership, interact with each other and try to find out the suitable ones. Trust, quality and integrity-these are the pillars of When the insight behind the business endeavor was asked to G.M. Frazer, C.E.O of, he replied, “Now a day we live in a very fast paced life where everyone is busy. There was a time when people used to go to the matchmakers to find the potential and suitable spouses for themselves or far their children. This practice is still prevalent in our society hut it is no longer efficient. People demand better options and convenient solutions. Moreover, we are in the era of Internet where you can do so many things by the help of it. It has made our life really easy.

So a blend of all the factors played the pivotal role for us to come up with an idea like this”. People can sign up either for free membership or paid membership. Each member is then given a profile by which he or she can browse and look for the “one”. After registering, runs a proper investigation to verify the persons’ identification. Initially, the matrimonial web portal had astoundingly more than one 2 lac registered members. But it has come down to ten thousands only. Rigorous probing regarding the members is the main reason in this case. At any cost, wants to retain and uphold its reputation, credulity and business ethics. “As our service is very sensitive and delicate, we are extra cautious in our every step.

We have to use our own discretion all the time so that our clients can always trust us. For both free and paid users, we undertake an investigation for each just to make sure none of our members faces any sort of fallacy or deception.”- Frazer remarked. Free users are allowed to communicate with others but on a limited basis. On the other hand, the packages for paid membership- Diamond, Pearl, Ruby and Onix provide with many facilities that ensure better possibility to find the right spouse for a user. Diamond has a validation for 270 days and it costs Tk. 6900. One can have maximum 35 contact details in this package. Pearl is the second package that lasts for 180 days at Tk. 3800.

A user can have 20 contact details under this package. Ruby has duration of 90 days at Tk. 2000 with 10 contact details .Last but not the least, Onix has duration of 45 days at Tk. 1000 with 3 contact details. All the package holders can send unlimited e-mails and messages to other profiles whereas free users only have the access to send one e-mail and one interest showing message. Apart from the packages also provide consultancy on immigration of spouses, mix marriage, adoption laws, etc through its legal advisers.


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